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Designed for both the novice and experienced electronics technician, the information provided by these manuals is intended to give the reader a clear understanding of the principles involved in the installation, maintenance, and performance of the electronic devices that have become such a large part of everyday life.


Power Supplies

Projects for the Hobbyist and Technician

Power supplies, the sources of energy for all electronic equipment, are basic considerations in all electronic design and construction. This book guides you from the fundamentals of power supply components and their functions to the design and construction of a power supply system. David Lines

6 x 9"
Illustrated 2/E


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Speakers for Your Home and Automobile

How to Build and Enjoy a Quality Audio System

The cleanest CD sound, the quietest turntable, or the clearest FM signal are useless without a fine speaker system. With easy-to-understand instructions and clearly illustrated examples, this book shows how to construct quality home speaker systems and to install automotive speakers. Gordon McComb, Alvis J.Evans, Eric J. Evans

Paper/164 pp.
6 x 9"

0-7906-1025-6 Our Part No. 3R1-520



Basic Electricity

Revised Edition, Complete Course
From a simplified explanation of the electron to ac/dc machinery, alternators, and other advanced topics, Basic Electricity is the complete course for mastering the fundamentals of electricity. The book provides a clear understanding of how electricity is produced, measured, controlled, and used. A minimum of mathematics is used in the direct explanation of primary cells, magnetism, Ohm’s law, capacitance, transformers, dc generators, ac motors, and other essential topics. Van Valkenburgh, Nooger & Neville, Inc

Paper/940 pp.
6-1/4 x 9-1/4"


Our Part No. 3R2-141


Basic Solid-State Electronics

Revised Edition, Complete Course
Modern electronics technology manages all aspects of information—generation, transmission, reception, storage,retrieval, manipulation, display, and control. A continuation of the instruction provided in Basic Electricity, Basic Solid-State Electronics will provide the reader with a progressive understanding of the elements that form various electronic systems. Electronic fundamentals covered in the illustrated, easy-to-understand text include: semiconductors; power supplies; audio and video amplifiers, transmitters, and receivers; digital circuits; and microprocessors. Van Valkenburgh, Nooger & Neville, Inc.

Paper/940 pp.
6-1/4 x 9-1/4"


Our Part No. 3R2-022


Tube Substitution Handbook
Complete Guide to Replacements for Vacuum Tubes and Picture Tubes

The most accurate, up-to-date guide available, Tube Substitution Handbook will be useful to antique radio buffs, old car enthusiasts, ham operators, and collectors of vintage ham radio equipment. In addition, marine operators, microwave repair technicians, and TV and radio technicians will find the Handbook to be an invaluable reference tool. Basing diagrams are included as a handy reference to pin numbers for the tubes listed in the Handbook.

William Smith, Barry Buchanan

Paper/140 pp.
6 x 9"

0-7906-1148-1 Our Part No. 3R2-746


Digital Electronics

Designed to supplement an introductory course in digital electronics, this book teaches the electronics hobbyist about digital electronics and serves as a review for practicing technicians and engineers. topics covered include analog circuits, logic gates, flip-flops, and counters. To further drive home the concepts, detailed instructions are provided so that the reader can build the circuits described in this book to verify their operation. Digital Electronics is generously illustrated with helpful figures, tables, and examples, and each chapter is a lesson in digital electronics with problems included to test understanding. With proper equipment, it is also possible to build the circuits described in the book.

By Stephen Kamichik

168 pages ISBN
#0-7906-1075-2 No. 61075

Our Part No 3R2-015



The Howard W. Sams Troubleshooting & Repair Guide to TV

Repairing and troubleshooting a television is very simple and economical with help from the information in this book. The Howard W. Sams Troubleshooting & Repair Guide to TV is the most complete and up-to-date television repair book available, with tips for all makes of TVs and timesaving features that even the pros don’t know.
Completely illustrated with useful photos, schematics, graphs, and flowcharts, this book covers audio, video, horizontal/vertical sweep, tuners, technician safety, high-voltage circuits, test equipment, and more. The appendix contains exclusive coverage of how to read and use Howard Sams’ PHOTOFACT, the most up-to-date and accurate source of television technical data available.
By the Engineers of Howard W. Sams & Company

384 Pages No. ISBN#:
0-7906-1146-5 61077

Our Part No 3R1-460


Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On? takes readers through each step of selecting components, installing, adjusting, and maintaining a sound system for small meeting rooms, churches, lecture halls, public-address systems for schools or offices, or any other large room that requires sound system equipment.
It explains in easy-to-understand terms, with drawings and illustrations, the exact procedures behind connections and troubleshooting diagnostics. With the help of this book, hobbyists and technicians will be able to avoid the problems that often arise in setting up sound systems for events and lectures that rely on sound technology.
By Gordon McComb

136 Pages No. ISBN#:
0-7906-1081-7 61081

Our Part No 3R1-081


TV Video Systems

This book is the hobbyist’s and technician’s complete how-to guide to the installation, operation, and troubleshooting of video programming sources. With all the sources of video programming available today—standard hard-wired cable, large-dish satellite systems, wireless cable, and digital satellite systems— knowing which one to choose and how to use it can seem overwhelming. TV Video Systems explains the different systems, how they are installed, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to detect problems and add accessories. It also covers TV video systems, typical system components, apartment installations, home installations, troubleshooting tips, and more. By L.W. Pena & Brent A. Pena

128 Pages No. ISBN#:



 Radios of the Baby Boom Era

As the first comprehensive picture reference to classic radios of the post-World War II years, Radios of the Baby Boom Era was made-to-order for radio fanciers, collectors, hobbyists, fix-it-yourselfers, and nostalgia buffs. The classic photos from the Howard W. Sams & Company PHOTOFACT service data library help to identify basement treasures and to introduce the rewarding hobby of radio collecting. Compiled by the editors and technicians of Howard W. Sams & Company, Radios of the Baby Boom Era has been published in six volumes. Each volume includes:

Photos of popular radio models from 1946 to 1960, including radio/phonograph combinations and clock radios. Pictured models arranged by brand names and historical sequence, ideal for browsing. Indexes to information about many similar models, vacuum tubes, and tube substitutions. Troubleshooting aids to help restore an old radio to operating condition.

The volumes of this unique series are:

Volume 2 Co-op to Geloso: 402 pp.
ISBN#: 0-7906-1003-5

Volume 3 General Electric to Monitoradio: 310 pp.
ISBN#: 0-7906-1004-3

Volume 5 Realtone to Stratovox: 296 pp.
ISBN#: 0-7906-1006-X

Paper/8-1/2 x 11"/Illustrated

$19.95 per vol., U.S.


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