Breadboards and PC Board Etching Supplies

Direct Etch Printed Circuit Kit

Make printed circuit boards with no artwork! You "wire" the actual circuit by rubbing down dry transfer etch resist patterns right on a copper clad board. Connect patterns with dry transfer lines or etch resist tape, etch in a ferric chloride solution and in a few minutes, the finished copper circuit can be drilled and loaded with components. The Direct Etch set includes a huge assortment of resist patterns: universal DIPs, transfer lines, resist tape (0.62" and 0.31"), four blank copper boards, a pound of dry ferric chloride etchant and complete instructions. Materials are packed in a plastic storage box that doubles as an etch tray.

Model ER-1.
Part No. 3P1-101


Direct Etch Resist Set

This set contains 8 sheets of assorted patterns and two rolls, one each of 1/16" and 1/32" etch resist tape. Patterns and tapes can be used either as a direct etch resist or as original artwork on drafting film. This set is included in the 3P1-101 and 3P1-104.

Model ER-2.

Part No. 3P1-102

$8.50 each


Dry Concentrated Etchant

Dry Concentrated Etchant contains pound of anhydrous ferric chloride in a vapor-tight package yielding one pint of etch solution, enough to etch 200 square inches of copper-clad circuit board. Material has substantially more etch capability than ammonium persulfate etchants. Model ER-3.
Part No. 3P1-103


Photo Etch Printed Circuit Kit

Use this kit to generate your own 1:1 artwork, then use the patented Pos-Neg process to make a photo negative, sensitize and expose a blank copper board, then develop and etch it. All necessary materials are included, steel 5"x6" print frame, Pos-Neg film, film processing pack, yellow filter, 4 oz. negative-acting etch resist, 16 oz. resist developer, blank copper circuit boards, dry concentrated etchant, 1:1 resist patterns and tapes, and complete instructions.

Model ER-4
Part No. 3P1-104


TINNIT Electroless Bright Tin Plate

TINNIT is an excellent product for plating bare copper circuit boards to enhance solderability. The one pint size of TINNIT will plate up to 600 square inches of copper with approx. 0.0004" of bright tin. Its adhesion and solderability are excellent, making your efforts much easier.

TINNIT 1 pint size Model ER-18 Part No. 3P1-118 $4.95
TINNIT gal. size Model ER181 Part No. 3P1-181

Circuit-Fix Kit

The Circuit-Fix system makes circuit repairs or last minute circuit changes fast and simple. The heart of the system is a spring-loaded steel clamp and cutting guide (patent applied for). This tool lets you cut a precise width copper foil trace with no difficulty. Here's how easy it is to modify a circuit board: Cut a copper trace with the clamp-guide and collet knife. Drill holes for the component leads. Position and burnish down the new copper donuts on the board. Orient the foil traces properly and trim to length with the knife. Complete the job by inserting the component leads through the donuts, then flowing solder over the donuts and all overlapped trace connections. The complete kit contains the spring-loaded clamp and guide, collet knife and blade, 154 assorted copper donuts (see DONUT REFILL set for sizes) 32 square inches of copper foil and an instruction booklet. All copper materials are 1 ounce weight (0.0016"), are passivated to insure easy solderability and are adhesive backed.

Model CF-1.
Part No. 3P2-111


Copper Donut Refill Set

Set contains 308 die-cut 1 ounce adhesive backed copper donuts. Each has an embossed pilot hole to aid centering. Copper is passivated to retard oxidation and improve solderability. See size/quantity table.

Model CF-2.
Part No. 3P2-112



48 1/16"
72 3/32"
140 1/8"
48 5/32"

Copper Foil Sheet Refill Set

Set contains 2 sheets of 1 ounce adhesive backed copper foil, 3"x10".Copper is passivated which retards oxidation and improves solderability. Model CF-3.
Part No. 3P2-113


Printed Circuit Boards

* Glass Epoxy Base * Copper One Side * 1 oz. grade - 0.0014"
Part No. 3P1-250 3"x5"x1/16"
Part No. 3P1-260 4"x6"x1/16"
Part No. 3P1-263 6"x9"x1/16" $8.19

Perf Boards

PStyle - Micro Pattern Perf Board * 2 1/4"x6" * 0.42"

holes on 0.100" centers

Part No. 3J1-601 $5.09

XXP Phenolic Perf Board
* 3 3/4"x8" * 0.093" holes on 0.265" centers

Part No. 3J1-616 $9.79

Part No. 3J1-700 $1.55

Breadboards - Prototype Design Aids


840 Point Breadboard

* 100% contact construction * Fast easy solderless design * For 20-29 AWG (0.3-0.8mm) wire. * Sturdy metal base w/adheasive strip * Does not include binding posts.

Part No. 2J5-840


1380 Point Breadboards

* 100% contact construction * Fast, easy solderless design * For 20-29

AWG (0.3-0.8mm) wire. Sturdy metal base w/rubber bumpers * Red, black

and green binding posts.

Part No. 2J5-1380



1680 Point Breadboard

* 100% contact construction * Fast, easy solderless design * Sturdy metal base w/rubber bumpers * For 20-29 AWG (0.3-0.8mm) wire. Red, black, and green binding posts.

Part No. 2J5-1680



3800 Tie Point

Part No. 2J5-3800


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Last updated April 24, 2000

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