Turntable  Cartridges and Accessories for your Phonograph


The Sound of Perfection for Forty Years

Pickering / Stanton Magnetics

NP/AC Magnetic Cartridge

Back by popular demand, this superb magnetic cartridge features "original" tracking, weighs a mere 2-4 grams, responds from 23 to 19 KHz, and has an output of 10mV. For high performance, choose the NP/AC!
Stanton part no. 400.V3

Part No. 4C1-3300
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Audio Technica TM-3

'P' or Standard Mount
Elliptical .4x.7
Tracking: 1-1.5 grams
Response: 15-25kHz
Output: 3.5mV
W/Attractive display box
Autio Technica Part No AT301EP

Part No. 4C1-504
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Audio Technica TM-1

'P' or Standard Mount
Conical Stylus .7mil
Tracking: 1-1.5 grams
Response: 20-20kHz
Autio Technica Part No AT3482P


Part No. 4C1-503
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Tetrad Type SN1/2

With Diamond Stylus
Part No. 4C2-2900 blue
Part No. 4C2-2901 black
Part No. 4C2-2902 gray
Part No. 4C2-2903 orange
Part No. 4C2-2904 red

Our Price $6.95

Turntable Accessories


Stylish, universal type
Part No. 4T1-100 brushed aluminum

Our Price $5.95


Record Brush

Cleans records as they play
Attaches to tone arm
Part No. 4T6-710
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Record Cleaner Brush

Over 1 million conductive fibers. Protective holder included.

Part No. 4T3-100
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Replacement Belts


Click here if you would like individual belts for your turntable or any other device you may have. One of the most complete selections of Replacement Belts for consumer electronics available. If you do not see your size listed, please let us know. 

Turntable Belt Kit

Contains 7 pieces total, one each of: SC15.2, SC20.2, SC20.7, SC23.6, SC25.0, SC35.1, SC38.8
Part No. 2B8-003
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Last Updated October 27, 2010

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