Dual Rod Antennas

Panasonic Type Antenna

Replaces Panasonic, RCA & many others
Installs instantly (5 sections)
32" extended (9" collapsed)
Lead wires and terminals included

Part No. 5A2-120

Our Price $5.50

Sony AN-16 Type Antenna

For Sony Trinitron models
Fits onto back bracket of TV
8 Sections, 43" Extended

Part No. 5A2-110
Our Price

Rabbit Ears

Three sections, adjustable
Foam base, spade lug terminals

Part No. 5A2-130
Our Price

Universal Back of Set Antenna

5 sections, 38" extended
Replacement antenna
Complete with lead wires, screws, and terminals

Part No. 5A2-100
Our Price

Single Rod Antennas

Panasonic Type Antenna

11" collapsed, 39" extended
1/4" dia. base, 4 sections
1 1/4" x 3/4" mounting base
Two screw holes for easy mounting

Part No. 5A1-120
Our Price

Sony Type Antenna

12 1/4" collapsed, 43 1/4" extended
8 sections, 5/16" base
1/2" mounting base
Includes bracket mounting from either above or below bracket

Part No. 5A1-110

Our Price $3.95

Universal Type Antenna

9" collapsed, 30" extended
5 sections, 1/4" base
3/8" mounting base
Rubberized coating to prevent shorting in chassis
Bracket for easy mounting
Swivels at base

Part No. 5A1-100
Our Price


UHF Antennas

Universal UHF Loop Antenna

Fastens quickly to UHF terminals
Fits most models, adjustable
Part No. 5A3-100
Our Price

UHF Bow Tie Antenna

Clip on type
Snaps onto rabbit ears
Complete with lead wires and terminals
Easily adjustable
Part No. 5A3-110
Our Price



Last Update: Feb 28, 2011

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