Wavetek RMS 225
Part No. 3T2-722

Our Price $189.95

Sale Price $167.75

WAVETEK Auto-ranging DMM
Simply one of the best and fastest auto-ranging DMMs on the market today. After years of research and develpoment, and a firm commitment to produce the ultimate autoranging meter, Wavetek, has created the RMS225. This new meter will out perform any meter in its class. And like all Wavetek meters, this meter is built tough to last a long time. Protective holster, battery, manual and leads included.

* 4 Digits
* 10,000 Counts

* Probe Hold
* 41 Segments

* 500 Hour battery life
* Protective holster

* 0.25% Accuracy
* 3 Year warranty
* True RMS

* Auto Max Min TM
* Relative Mode
* Self resetting fuse


Updated April 24, 2000

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