Educational and fun electronic kits

The discovery of a great electronics project idea, its research, and implementation into kit form has always been the standard of excellence at Elenco. Electronics can be a lot of fun if it is presented in an interesting way. A wide variety of educational kits are available, ranging from the elaborate Micro-Master Computer Theory Kit to the ever-popular Power Supply Kit. These projects are great for classroom and home learning. Additional listings are available by special order. We're proud to show off our kits - and you will too!

Space War Gun Kit

Produces realistic sight and sound effects you'd expect in a space weapon. The 'gun' can be set for stun (single-shot) or rapid-firing modes. While firing, two LEDs visually indicate impulse frequency while an 8-ohm speaker transmits the audio tone. In both modes, a potentiometer easily adjusts output pitch or firing rate. What you will learn: * Clock circuitry * 555 and 556 Timer circuits * R/C Timing circuits * VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators

Model K-10

Part No. 3K8-110


0-15 Volt Power Supply Kit

One of the most useful, inexpensive transistor regulated power supplies you can build, this 300ma Power Supply can supply voltages with the necessary current to run transistor radios, portable tape recorders, electronic games, and a host of educational kits. This is a very usable device that will serve you well for many years. What you will learn: * Rectification * Transformer action * Filtering * Voltage regulation

Model K-11

Part No. 3K8-111


Automatic Siren Kit

At last! Here is an automatic siren that definitely sounds like the real thing. When switch S1 is closed, the siren continuously cycles through the complete high-low oscillation pattern. There is no need to open a switch at the 'critical' moment to cause the sound to decay. In addition, there are no components to adjust or alter. Put the circuit together, connect a 9V battery, turn it on, and you're in business. The output is suprisingly loud and piercing. Use it with the Burglar Alarm Kit as an attention getter, or for just plain fun. This kit can also be used as a code practice oscillator by removing one jumper wire. In either case, the Automatic Siren will give you hours of excitement and satisfaction.

Model K-13

Part No. 3K8-113


Christmas Tree Kit

This unique kit is a great holiday project and provides an attractive decoration as well. Flashing eight bright LEDs at random, the project produces a "dialing effect" with a novel approach in a traditional package. Can be hung as an ornament, displayed in window, or set on end for table or mantle. An attention-getter enjoyed the entire year! What you will learn: * Clock circuits * R/C timing circuits * LEDs * Duty cycles

Model K-14

Part No. 3K8-114


Hidden Tormentor Kit

Hidden Tormentor is a fun game you can play on friends. It emits a sudden burst of high pitch oscillation (five sec every two minutes) that when hidden, is very difficult to find. Your friends will go crazy tring to find it! Works by using a low frequency oscillator in conjunction with a high frequency oscillator. Lots of fun! What you will learn: * Oscillators * Positive feedback * Charging paths * Changing resistor values

Model K-16

Part No. 3K8-116


LED Robot Blinker Kit

Flashing a pair of LEDs at a rate of about two "blinks" per second, this project is a neat toy that teaches a great deal about electronics. The circuit is basically an astable multivibrator or free-running oscillator, and as such it is one of the more popular types in use today. Educational and entertaining too! What you will learn: * Free-running oscillators * R/C timing circuits * Switching transistors * LEDs

Model K-17

Part No. 3K8-117


Digital Bird Kit

There are all kinds of birds in this world, but no bird sounds quite like this one! The Digital Bird can do imitations - everything from a 'tweeting' canary to a silly chicken - all with the turn of a few pots. A great introduction to sound synthesis, you will learn quite a bit and have lots of laughs too. What you will learn: * Oscillators * Logic circuits * Transistor amplifiers * Voltage dividers

Model K-19

Part No. 3K8-119


Burglar Alarm Kit

This is an easy-to-build dual alarm control for your car, house, room, or even closet. After the alarm is on, the only way to turn it off is to open S1. It could a key switch if you prefer. Many connection types could be used for N/O and N/C switches. Complete with a large 9V buzzer. Many different uses are possible with this Burglar Alarm Kit. What you will learn * SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) * Diode operation * Alarm devices * N/O, N/C switches

Model K-23

Part No. 3K8-123


Metal Detector Kit

Find new money and old treasure by getting started in metal detecting. Simply place the circuit near an AM radio antenna, tune the radio between stations without static, and adjust R1 until radio static occurs. Next, turn R1 slightly further until static just stops. When L1 comes near a metal object, the radio prompts with static! What you will learn: * Oscillator circuits * Radio transmitters * R/C timing circuits * Voltage Dividers

Model K-26

Part No. 3K8-126


Pocket Dice Kit

Pocket Dice is a handy little project to be used with any game of chance. Since it uses CMOS circuitry, it has the advantage of operating off a 9V battery, thus is quite portable. LEDs "blink" rapidly when switch S1 is pressed. When released, each LED set "freezes" in one of six common die patterns. Startle your friends! What you will learn: * Clock circuitry * Presettable counters * R/C timing circuits * Logic NAND and OR gates

Model K-28

Part No. 3K8-128


TV/FM Oscillator Kit

This TV/FM Oscillator is great to experiment with! It will make channels 2 through 13 go 'bananas' when adjusted right on the channel. People will wonder what's wrong with the set if you do it secretly.! With this TV/FM Oscillator, you will learn many electronics principles. What you will learn: * RC tuning circuits * Switching transistors * Voltage dividers * Radio frequency transmission

Model K-29

Part No. 3K8-129


FM Mic Kit

Transmit your voice on any FM radio with this FM Mic with a range up to 1,000 feet. Operating between the frequency of 90MHz to 110MHz, the frequency is tunable by varying the inductance of the tune circuit. A small mic picks up the voice and converts it to electrical current, which frequency modulates (FM) the transmitter. Learn: * Basic FM theory * Oscillator circuits * Radio transmitters * Audio amplifiers

Model K-30

Part No. 3K8-130


AM/FM Stereo Kit

Build this actual working AM/FM Stereo Kit. This kit is for the more experienced kit builder. Includes schematic and all parts and manual.

Part No. 3K8-108

$ 34.95 each

Diode/Transistor Tester Kit

Assembling your own Transistor/Diode Tester would prove to be an exciting project and give you much satisfaction and a sense of personal achievement. This dynamic tester allows checking of transistors and diodes in circuit. Identifies NPN or PNP transistors. Checks all types, small or large power. Identifies anode or cathode of diodes. With complete instructions, this is a great project and useful tool for electronics hobbyists and students.


Part No. 3K8-100


19 Range Analog VOM Kit


 Build yourself a fantastic multimeter! Features include: * 20000 ohm/Volts * 19 Ranges * 3 1/2" Meter * Mirrored scale for accurate readings * 3% Accuracy * Checks transistors * 10A DC current. This is another excellent undertaking as a class project. Students will learn important electronics principles and have a useful meter too! Specifications: * DC Volts: .1, .5, 2.5, 10, 50, 250, 1000, 3% FSR * AC Volts: 10, 50, 250, 1KV--4% FSR * Sensitivity: DC 20K ohms/V, AC 8K ohms/V * Resistance: X1, X10, X1K, X10K.


Part No. 3K8-101


"Micro-Master" Computer Theory Kit 


Part No. 3K8-800



Uses the 8085 Microprocessor. Uses the 2816 E2 Prom, electrically erasable programmable ROM * Uses the 8156 IC, 2048 Bit static MOS RAM with I/O ports and timer * Memory expandable option * Built-in 5V power supply * 28 Key keyboard * Complete with lesson manual, instructions and experiments Starting from scratch, you build a complete computer system. Our "Micro-Master" trainer teaches you to write into RAMs, ROMs, and run a 8085 microprocessor. You will write the initial instructions to tell the 8085 processor to get started and store these instructions in permanent memory in a 2816 E2 PROM. Learn about input and output ports computer timers. Build your own keyboard and learn how to scan keyboard and display. NO PREVIOUS COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED. Simple easy to understand instructions teaches you to write in machine language. Upon completion of this course, you will be proficient in computer technology.

Digital Trainer Kit 

W/590 Pin Breadboard. Ideal for school projects. Features: * 3 regulated power supplies (5V at 1A; +12V at .15A; -12V at .15A) * Short protection * 3 clock frequencies (1Hz, 1KHz, 100KHz) * Eight LED readouts * 2 no bounce logic switches * 590 pin breadboard * 100 power pins. This kit is a terrific learning experience! Specifications: * Load regulation: 1% 0 to .15A * Line regulation: 1% 110V to 130VAC * Clock amplitude: 5V PP square wave * Logic indicators: 8 LED 100K input.


Part No. 3K8-220



3360 Point Breadboard Model PB-88/4

W/Power Supply

You can now design your own interfaces for your IBM PC or compatible. The PB-88/4 connects to your PC with a buffered plug-in card and gives you a huge solderless breadboarding area. Bus Interface: IBM bus buffered plug-in card with shield, 60 conductor cable and 9 Pin D type power connector and cable. All IBM bus signals brought to labeled solderless interface sockets. IRQ4, IRQ6, IRQ7 and DRQ2 are jumper selectable on buffer card to allow use of display, disk and printer cards in your computer. Dimensions: Buffer card requires full card slot. Breadboard system is 6"Hx13"Wx11.5"D.
Part No. 2J5-1191


Note: As a distributor of Global Specialties, we would be more than happy to research any special application materials you may be interested in.

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