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Integrated circuits which are registered with the Electronic Industries Association are assigned a specific number. Each EIA number is comprised of three components. An explanation of each components is described below :

a) Denotes manufacturer of device as registered with the EIAJ or EIA of pertaining country.

b)Rootnumber. Usually indicates type of device. Used primarily with American manufacturers, however the standard is widely accepted worldwide - especially with computer grade IC's

c) Suffix may have a couple of different meanings.

1. Indicates an improvement of the device. Normally, each successive letter indicates an improved version. Therefore a Bsuffix would be superior to an "A" suffix.

2. Most of the time it indicates a package style. Some examples as follows:

C- can, metal
D- Dual in-line package (DIP)
F- Flat package (SMD)
G- Metal package (TO-5)
K- TO-3 transistor style package
L- Single in-line package (SIP)
M- Surface Mount device (SMD)
P- Plastic package
R- Reversed Pin Configuration
S- Single in-line package (SIP)
T- TO-220 transistor style package
V- mounts vertically - usually ZIP

Note : Not all manufacturers go by this designation. This is only a general guideline used by most manufacturers.

Note : Many times an alpha numeric code appears below the part number. This is the manufacturer lot/date code and has no bearing on the specification of the device.

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Updated August 2, 2010