Radial Non Polarized Electrolytic Capacitors

   How to order your capacitor

All of our capacitors follow the same part number designation. 1st the series. All Non Polarized Electrolytic Capacitors start with the designation 2C1-

Next is the voltage, followed by V,

next is the actual value in mfd followed by RNP for Radial Non Polarized or RN

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Values are listed in accending voltage value

Part No Value - size $ea 10 & up
2C1-100V1RNP 1MFD 100V RADIAL NON POL CAP 0.40 0.23
2C1-100V3.3RN 3.3MF 100V RADIL NONPOL 26X13M 0.95 0.79
2C1-100V47RNP 47MF 100V RADIAL NONPOL 26X13M 1.65 1.35
2C1-100V7.5RN 7.5MF 100V RADIL NONPOL 26X16M 1.25 0.95
2C1-16V100RNP 100MFD 16V RADIAL NON POLAR CA 0.69 0.59
2C1-16V22RNP 22MFD 16V RADIAL NON-POL 11X5M 0.75 0.65
2C1-25V10RNP 10MFD 25V RADIAL NON-POL 12X5M 0.35 0.15
2C1-35V3.3RNP 3.3MFD 35V RADIAL NONPOL 12X5M 0.45 0.20
2C1-35V4.7RNP 4.7MFD 35V RADIAL NONPOL 11X5M 0.60 0.27
2C1-50V100RNP 100MF 50V RADIAL NONPOL 27X13M 1.35 0.95
2C1-50V10RNP 10MFD 50V RADIAL NON POL 11X5M 0.79 0.69
2C1-50V2.2RNP 2.2MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 12X5M 0.59 0.22
2C1-50V220RNP 220MF 50V RADIAL NONPOL 25X16M 4.25 3.45
2C1-50V22RNP 22MFD 50V RADIAL NON-POL 11X8M 0.89 0.79
2C1-50V3.3RNP 3.3MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 11X5M 0.44 0.38
2C1-50V3.9RN 3.9MFD 50V NON POLARIZED RADIA 0.44 0.38
2C1-50V3.9RNP 3.9MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 15X8M 0.49 0.39
2C1-50V4.7RNP 4.7MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 12X5M 0.59 0.49
2C1-50V47RNP 47MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 18X13M 0.69 0.59
2C1-50V6.8RNP 6.8MFD 50V RADIAL NONPOL 11X5M 0.55 0.30

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Last Updated Feb 28, 2011