UHF RF JACKS, Plugs and Adaptors

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  BNC Male to UHF PL 259 (Female) 6K1-110

$1.79 each

  UHF Male (PL 259) to BNC Female 6K1-130

$1.95 each

  RCA Phone Female to UHF Male 6K1-200

$1.69 each

  F-Type Male to UHF Female 5K2-110

$1.69 each

  RCA Male to BNC Female 6K1-210

$1.49 each

  PL 258 Female Coupler 6K1-180

$0.69 each

PL 258 Male Coupler 6K1-190

$0.95 each

  PL 259 Plug 6P2-100

$0.79 each

SO 239 Chassis Jack 6J2-100

$0.79 each

   UG 175/U Adaptor for RG 58 Coax Cable 6K1-150

$0.25 each

UG 176/U Adaptor for RG 59 Coax Cable 6K1-160

$0.25 each

  RCA Phono Plug to UHF Female 6K1-170

$1.05 each

  UHF 'L' Type Adaptor; UHF Male to UHF Female 6K1-230

$1.85 each

PL 259 Plug with Built-in RG 58 Reducer 6P2-101

$0.95 each

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Last updated Feb 28, 2011